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Benefits of investing in the Goodbody EIIS Funds

The Goodbody EIIS Funds offer Investors the opportunity to invest in a diversified portfolio of Irish companies under the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (“EIIS”). By investing in our Funds the Investors should be able to avail of tax relief of up to 40% of their investment amount and have the potential for an additional capital return.

  • The EII Scheme is one of the few remaining income tax reliefs.
  • An EIIS investment can be offset against rental income (A pension contribution cannot).
  • The relief works very well with taxable lump sum receipts.

We will begin fundraising for our 2020 EIIS Fund towards the end of this year.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the team on (01) 669 9999 or by emailing

Who can invest?

All Irish Tax Payers.

Fund Highlights:

  • The Fund will invest across a portfolio of investments thereby reducing the risk profile of the investment.
  • We focus on indigenous Irish companies with potential for future growth.
  • A Trustee will hold all monies and shareholdings (in trust) for the benefit of the Investors.
  • Each investment will be completed using a suite of legal documents to protect the rights of the Fund and its investors.

Key Facts & Figures

  • Joint-venture between Goodbody and Baker Tilly
  • Raised and Invested €50m over last four years
  • Professionally Managed with +25 years experience
  • Experienced Board of Directors for the Fund
  • The Manager is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland
  • Ireland is one of the leading countries in which to set-up and manage investment funds
  • Investments are closely monitored for their entire term


The availability of funding for Small and Medium Enterprises (“SMEs") has greatly diminished as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the economy continues to deal with the new challenges the pandemic brings there is an ongoing lack of credit available for growing SMEs. We believe there is a good opportunity in the market to provide EIIS funding to good quality Irish SMEs. Our portfolio of Investee Companies will attest to that.

If you would like to see examples of these companies, please click here.

We have brought together a number of experienced professionals who have a considerable amount of knowledge in the area of fundraising, investing and the EII Scheme. These individuals, including Eamonn Glancy and Stephen McGivern, have been responsible for investing millions of Euro in companies throughout Ireland. For more information about the manager, please click here.


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