Investing In
Irish SMEs

Investing In
Irish SMEs

The Goodbody EIIS Funds

EIIS Management are proud to present The Goodbody EIIS Funds, a series of funds investing in Irish SMEs under the EII Scheme. EIIS or the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme, is approved by the Revenue Commissioners to provide tax relief to investors and encourage investment in Irish indigenous SMEs. EIIS Management, the Manager of the Fund, is a joint venture company owned by Goodbody and Azets Ireland.

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Raised and invested to


Up to €5.5m per annum available to companies.


Income tax relief available to investors.


The team has over 30 year’s experience.

Our Portfolios

Click here to see our full portfolio of investee companies.

For companies or business owners seeking funding, please get in touch on or (01) 669 9999

BAK Bulk Services

€10.6m investment

Mcardle Skeath

€11.1m investment

Powerscourt Distillery

€7m investment

Killala Windfarm

€4.5m investment


€2.07m investment


€1.6m investment

Our Strategy

The EII Scheme offers Income Tax Relief of up to 20-50% to investors in the Fund. The Fund is managed in Dublin. Our team are available to discuss investment opportunities for individuals and with investee companies looking to raise capital.

EIIS Management has been backing Irish SMEs since the fund’s inception in 2015, to date the Fund has raised €85m. EIIS funding is a key source of growth capital available to SME companies. The Fund can offer a competitive cost of funds and cash flow benefits when compared to traditional debt funders.

There is a lack of funding options available to Irish SMEs at present and the Fund was set up to target these significant opportunities, by creating and returning value to investors.