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Xeolas Pharmaceuticals Limited

Investee Company Name: Xeolas Pharmaceuticals Limited
Investment Amount: €1.07m
Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Reason for Investment: Growth capital

The Goodbody 2018 EIIS Fund has invested €1.07m in Xeolas Pharmaceuticals Limited (Xeolas).

Xeolas is an innovative pharmaceutical company focused on the development of niche, patient-friendly medicines. Located on the Dublin City University (DCU) campus, Xeolas have a state-of-the-art facility with fully integrated development and production capability.

The investment is to enable Xeolas to promote and scale up a new product, whilst marketing their established product. The total investment will also accelerate the existing R&D programmes for other products and accelerate US market launch for its new product offering.

Xeolas have a very experienced management team and board of directors, and the EIIS management team are very excited about this investment, as its our first venture into the pharmaceuticals sector.